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Fish Branch Angus

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Since 1982


Founded in 1982 by Dr. Ray Wilbers, the farm has always specialized in Angus, both commercial and registered. Fish Branch is located in Audrain County Missouri, part of North Central Missouri. 

Son John Wilbers is one of the farm managers and continuing the Fish Branch Angus tradition.  Over the years many good folks have contributed their time and expertise to help shape the operation we currently have. Recently from 2016 - 2022 Kelly Wilson (who is part of a local generational farm family) worked dedicatedly to update the style and genetics of the current herd. Currently Justin Duenke is managing the herd and working hard to maintain select genetics and top notch phenotype & genotype purebred registered Angus.


Our focus is a gentle herd with trustworthy calvers! We provide purebred Angus to both commercial and registered farms that are "real world" bulls and heifers: They are handled gently so they are easy to work, fescue tolerant from years of selective breeding, and genetically selected to be ready to work. Our EPD program focuses on Docility, Calving Ease, Milk Production, and Growth/ Carcas traits. 

The herd size has varied from 50 to 150 over the years, and we currently have an intensely curated group of 50 cows producing high quality and homogeneous heifers and bulls. 

Primarily sold through private treaty, we are offering 15 - 20 very homogeneous heifers and bulls for sale each year. Give us a call and come take a look, we think we have the right animal for you!

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